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Follow NBC News. Compelled speech violates the First Amendment. She appealed the ruling to the U. Thanks for signing up! Their comments at oral argument left no doubt that they were on the about providing for gay of the gay couple.

In contrast, about four in ten 44 percent white mainline Protestants and less than three in ten 29 percent white evangelical Protestants say the same. The Court long has held that the focus in religious freedom cases is whether a particular person has about providing for gay sincerely held religious belief, not what the religion teaches.

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Just over one in three about providing for gay 36 percent say service refusals should be allowed. Search ABA. For example, Title II of the Civil Rights Act prohibits restaurants and other public accommodations from discriminating based on race. The strongest objections to religiously based service refusals are found in New England.

Attitudes Vary by Political Party A majority 52 percent of Republicans, and 59 percent of conservative Republicans, continue to favor allowing business owners to claim religious exemptions from serving gay and lesbian customers.

Instead, the Court found that the Colorado Civil About providing for gay Commission had expressed impermissible hostility to religion and thus violated the free exercise clause of the First Amendment.

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Supreme Court, which is deciding whether it will hear the case. Roughly two-thirds of black Protestants 65 percent and about six in ten white mainline Protestants 60 percent , Hispanic Catholics 60 percent , white Catholics 59 percent , and Muslims 59 percent reject this policy.

In United States v.

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