Space for gay guys to hang out

I am fine with them everywhere else but in space for gay guys to hang out I shouldn't have to deal with people being upset that I thought they might be gay. I think all of these differences have the ability to sometimes create a tension. It would be nice to see the same sort of unity against this sort of behavior, instead of catty fighting.

Back to Search Results. Whenever they are in the bar I am figuring the bartenders know that they are going space for gay guys to hang out be cleaning puke up in the bathroom sometime during the night.

And I know from experience that on the weekend it is simply not physically safe for me to enter one of those spaces. So the point of this article is, straight women in gay bars are annoying, but so are gay men sometimes?

space for gay guys to hang out

Ridpathos Lvng1tor : I never thought of it that way. I just caught back up with your great thread. But dont fret I wont do it again. It can be a damn soap opera. A minor uproar ensued, bouncers arrived, and all of them were kicked out. However I am, I think, just a little confused?

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I am not offended or hurt by any of this, so dont worry about that. Transgender and non-conforming folk? By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement.

I do not want some guy, a teammate, eyeballing me in the shower. I am straight and have some friends and work colleagues that very proudly gay in their choice of lifestyle and sexuality. That being said I was kicked out of a gay club in NYC once, for sticking up for my friend who is gay against the rudeness… actually down right offensive aggressive behavior of a straight bartender.

I get them. DarkZephyr : Evidently, you have little to no life experience.

Space for gay guys to hang out

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