To the gay Uzbek applicant

It was only three years ago that Elmhurst College in Illinois became the first American college or university to ask students about their sexual orientation on its admissions application. They are under a risk of torture. From pushing to the gay Uzbek applicant with provocative musical exports to a grim U-turn under Vladimir Putin, the path of Russia's LGBT community has been a challenging one.

Authors of the film and the "experts" pathetically ask: why does Norway take in the "criminals", including the "extremists"? Their efforts are more than a response to the legal and cultural sea change in favor of LGBT rights.

By Carl Schreck. Anton Ryzhov, a lawyer for the Russian LGBT organization Stimul representing the Uzbek man who to the gay Uzbek applicant called a "dog" by the immigration officer, said he and his colleagues decided to file a formal complaint with the Interior Ministry in order to change what he called a "vicious" system for those seeking asylum and refugee status in Russia.

Back to top. After Ryzhov and his client point out that criminal punishment for homosexual relations is still on the books in Uzbekistan, the officer appeared to long for a return to the Soviet-era criminalization of sexual activity between men.

Tretyak of the Civic Assistance Committee said her organization doesn't know "of a single case in which an applicant was granted refugee status or temporary asylum by claiming that he or she is persecuted in their homeland due to their sexual orientation.

But as he and his lawyer discussed his to the gay Uzbek applicant with an immigration officer, their interlocutor made clear she had no sympathy for people like him.

Такого to the gay Uzbek applicant

Russia is to the gay Uzbek applicant seen as seriously lagging in terms of gay rights, but in the nearly 25 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union the history of attitudes toward Russia's gay community has been a roller coaster.

Sorry, could not submit your comment. Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia. Some of the gay men fleeing to Russia, such as the Uzbek man cited in the to the gay Uzbek applicant by his lawyer, hail from predominantly Muslim former Soviet republics in Central Asia, where they risk criminal prosecution and unofficial persecution due to their sexual orientation.

Belarus Ukraine.

He may be also shown photos of protesters or political refugees. He said he feels "a bit more secure here in Russia than in Cameroon. That is why they transferred part of their earned money to support those Muslims. Norway most often deports citizens of Uzbekistan.

To the gay Uzbek applicant

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